Glenn S. Wrightson (Mayoral Candidate)

Glenn S. Wrightson (Mayoral Candidate)

Campaign Web Site: glennformayor.com

City of Residence: Atlanta

E-Mail: glenn@glennformayor.com

How have you served your district and the city best in the past?: being a City taxpayer for many many years.

If elected, what issues will you give highest priority to?:

communications and data management - this affects all areas from safey - to servce deliverables - such as responsivenes of City to citizens' needs - will focus on those issues that affect the citizens and have more of a balance between serving business and the needs of the publc - will esablish community-based businesses ..such as bakeries - where the money can stay in the community to make the City government citizen friendly

Level of Education: College Graduate - Wake Forest University 1974 - Business

Name: Glenn S. Wrightson

Office Sought: Mayor of Atlanta

Political Experience: none

Prior Office(s) Held: none

Profession: Consultant

What do you plan to accomplish during your term in office?: I plan to establish community-based businesses who's ownership would transfer to the worker units - could become model for the nation - would seek to employ local workers for Capital Projects - would modernize communcation systems - so for example - would not have to go outside I-285 to obtain a copy of a police report - yet could obtain one at City Hall any police precint or fire dept. - could streamline permitting with video technology - would unlock water meters so citizens could verify usage - would seek to umprove business investment souh of I-20 would seek to start

What is your vision for the future of Atlanta?: a great City - with low crime - and progressive thinking with resonsible citizens - easy living - with a very efficient City government

What specific strengths do you bring to the position you seek?: Not obligated to anyone / any organizations - am practical - use common sense - can see both the big picture and the close-up of issues - can

big fresh ideas.